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LECBA Drug Consortium
Sandee Abele, Administrator

You must be a member of a maritime organization (LECBA, West Sister, etc) to belong to a maritime drug program.

Effective Jan. 1, 2013, the LECBA Drug Consortium has instituted a new procedure NEW members joining the drug program.

There will now be a one-time processing fee of $70.00 to qualify for a pre-employment Drug Testing Form.  A check made out to LECBA for this amount will be required in order to receive a pre-employment drug testing form.


The fee will cover the cost of testing for the Drug Program.  Once you have paid this fee to the Drug Program, your pre-employment drug form will be mailed to you. 


Getting Your Drug Test
  • Take a picture ID and the drug testing form to any certified hospital outpatient registration.

    • For a location near you, call Kelly at 419-557-5248.

  • Outpatient registration will direct  you to the lab.

  • Give them the drug test form along with your picture ID.


If you Belong to Another Drug Program
  • If you already belong to another drug program, send a "Letter of Compliance" from your current drug program to the LECBA drug program.
    • Having this "Letter of Compliance" will allow us to waive the processing fee.​
To Speed up the Process
  • To speed up the process, you may send the pre-employment fee, the drug membership fee, and the LECBA club membership fee (along with the club membership application) all in one check, made out to LECBA. 



  • If you already belong to LECBA, you do not need to send that application or fee.

  • For example:

    • For a Captain

      • 85.00 LECBA Club Membership​

      • 70.00 Drug Consortium Dues

      • 70.00 One-time Processing Fee

      • $225.00 TOTAL

    • For a First Mate

      • 35.00 LECBA Club Membership​

      • 70.00 Drug Consortium Dues

      • 70.00 One-time Processing Fee

      • $165.00 TOTAL

  • Once you are in the Program, if you are drawn for a random test, the club will pay for your test.​

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